Friday, August 31, 2012

my new love ... english paper piecing

 I've started a second Liberty  hexagon quilt - another big one - the other is being quilted at the moment and will be given as a gift to a special friend
 I'm not sure whether I'll take the big hexagon project away with me to Thailand or whether I'll take the smaller triangle paper piecing project I started ages ago
 or the Hello Kitty Liberty hexagons
these are quite large hexagons - 2 1/2 inch sides
maybe a better project for the plane trip
 four weeks to go until we leave - I'm getting prepared (in terms of sewing)  I can't possibly go away with no sewing and crocheting - I'd go crazy if I had to endure two weeks without stitching!


Christina Lowry said...

Such difficult decisions! But I agree, two weeks without stitching would not be much of a holiday at all! :)

lynn said...

nothing nicer than stitchin at the poolside
they are all so tempting
hard to choose..

octopus's garden said...

This is so beautiful!! Do you mind me asking what size hexagons you used for this quilt? Is just perfect!