Sunday, February 5, 2012

all in a weekend

to console myself for the unsold house and putting our business plan/dreams on hold,
I set about the business of a proper design wall, way better than the old wadding hanging on a pole which I used to have. It's 2.3 metres high and 2.4 metres wide. I purchased 2 sheets of polystyrene foam and we glued the sheets together, covered the foam with wadding and velcro-ed it to the wall. I love it - it's perfect
as are our chandeliers
a decadent purchase really, considering the huge private school fee account I recently recieved but the lights are truely beautiful and make me smile. Gretel picked the light for her room and since our ceilings are quite low and I couldn't have the hanging chandelier I wanted, I got the same one for our room.


delia hornbook said...

So sorry to hear about the house sale and buisness plans. Fingers crossed things will work out in time. Those light fittings are gorgeous it that wallpaper the blue? its lovely. That wall art looks fab and a fun idea. dee x

Peekaboo Lucy said...

I thought you would know the name of my liberty. Love your design wall. What a drag about your house. New agent maybe or sell it yourself. Bake cookies and have your own open. The chandeliers are divine.