Monday, September 26, 2011

things to do when you have a cold .....

quilt/bind a little quilt for a new baby in the UK

start rippling using my stash of Cascade 220, pattern thanks to Attic24

a simple granny using up my leftover cottons

buy flowers from the local farmers' market


Andi said...

Lots of prettiness.
When I have a cold, I usually just go to bed.
Your approach is impressive!

Peekaboo Lucy said...

You are so clever and quick. I have a cold too and today we made pictures out of scrunched up tissue paper - fun. I have a new sewing room and still unpacking boxes of stuff, can't wait to get organised.
I love your liberty quilt.

lynnie said...

oooohh i just got a quiver shiver[maybe paul giving you the nod] and goosebumps
baby georgie will be cocooned with liberty love
thank you so much you have such a beautiful soul
love lynnie