Monday, August 9, 2010

baby quilt for my cousin

I love quick quilts - this one was made in exactly a week from start to finish - for a baby due beginning of September - in the post to Queensland this afternoon for a cousin, fondly remembered, but whom I haven't seen in I think about 16 years! I even free-motioned the baby's surname into the bottom of the quilt (not realizing that it comes out backwards on the back - but that's ok, isn't it?) This quilt may look familiar as I have made a few very similar using my stash of what I call kiddy / novelty fabrics. Quick and easy - feeling good.


Sarah Craig said...

Very cute! I love those fabrics on the front, and the back is simple, yet inspired! Good work!!

Jonalin said...

Hi there Danielle,

We appreciate the pretty quilt u made for our baby boy. When he grow up i will show it again to him so he knows that her aunt danielle made that pretty quilt 4 him. We gonna send u heaps of phto of our baby as soon he arrive in this world. Thank you very much. Love Clayton & Jonalin.