Thursday, May 27, 2010

Liberty blues

I have another quilt up on the working wall - little strips from the scrap box (not really a scrap box but a box of strips and leftover little bits. When I cut a piece of Liberty I usually cut a 1 1/2 or 2 inch strip for the hatbox. This little quilt is about 90% from that box. It's going to be really small - basinette/pram size. This is what I really had in mind when I started the last quilt but it went off on its own path - and I'm glad it did.


Sarah Craig said...

Pretty, Danielle! I love the strips - I need to make one like that soon. I just wish I could bring myself to cut up my scraps and sort them into boxes for future use. Somehow I keep thinking I might need a big piece for something!

Pooh's Abode said...

There are some really lovely fabrics there. I just wish I had the patience to make a whole quilt

Chicken Willow said...

Looks great Danielle!