Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm so glad I continued making this quilt as I really really like it
and I really like the back too !

and it's all made from Liberty prints - which I really really really like -
it's so soft and scrumptiously boyish - lots of geometrics, cars, boats, bunnies and a couple of florals because what Liberty quilt would be without a classic Liberty floral!


Buy Design said...

How lovely is that quilt !!!
Still hope to see the Hex blanket finished soon.

lemily1302 said...

Yay! I can finally comment on your blog!!! I think you should be so proud that you stuck to your guns and completed this special project! It looks great in the photos and in person :) xoxo

Gina said...

Nice work! And a good less for me that persistence in quilting something you're not sold on can turn a corner if you just keep going.

Chicken Willow said...

Love it! I think this is my favourite one I've seen you do so far.

Sarah Craig said...

Great quilt!! I'm glad you finished it - it has really turned out nice - and I love the back!!

lynnie said...

i was lucky enough to see this beauty in the flesh ...stunning ..they just keep getting better ..lynnie