Saturday, April 24, 2010

meet Poppy Daisy - a friend for Rupert. Rupert is in LURVE. I watch him from the kitchen window, in their cage on the lawn, licking her face and her ears.
and speaking of Liberty (ie Poppy Daisy) meet one of my all-time favourites. I call this Carousel but I'm not sure if that's it's official name. Isn't it amazing? I've been pouring over my Liberty of late, looking at all the different prints, picking out favourites, arranging them in colours, buying and folding and putting them in the tubs according to colour, running out of room and needing another tub, and telling myself that I' have been very extravagant, amassing over 700 ! prints in the few years I have been collecting. But I cannot help myself, it is my passion and I swoon over some vintage pieces I see in books and wonder if I'll ever cross paths with that particular Liberty and be lucky enough to acquire it for my collection.
oh, and I quilted the Modern Geese quilt - very happy with it. Will bind it soon and show you one last picture.


lynnie said...

what's with mr and mrs bunny?? oh no i sense a collection coming on.... to cute will have a little warren in no time...aaww..

Chicken Willow said...

The quilted quilt looks fantastic. I have no liberty fabric so will enjoy your pictures instead.

Sarah said...

Bunny Love! Carousel is gorgeous. 700 Liberty's, amazing!!!!!Now that is what I call passion. Love it.