Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Due to Perth's HUGE storm on Monday evening, whilst sewing the binding on my half-square triangle Liberty/linen quilt, our power went out and we still have no power at home! OMG it's terrible living with no electricity. And then when I arrived at work yesterday morning we had no power!!!! so I've had no television or internet whatsoever since Monday! oh, I know it's only Wednesday but 40 hours is a long long time with no electricity! I hope all my Perth friends are ok. I have power now at work so I feel better already.


lynnie said...

oh you poor thing ..we had a spectacular thunderstorm ..but had no damage at all thanks to my angels ...lynnie


So glad you are ok. What an incredible storm that was. Hopefully your power is restored soon!

Take care,

Christina said...

We had no power for 8 hours one day during Summer and that was horrible enough, but no power for 48 hours would be terrible. Wishing you and everyone in Perth all the best. Hope your power goes back on at home soon.

clare's craftroom said...

I saw it on the news it must have been HUGE . I'm glad you're ok !