Saturday, January 2, 2010

welcome to 2010. we ended the old year and started the new with the dreaded gastro bug ! yuk. I'm such a sook, I couldn't believe how sick I was and the girls scoffed as they had it too and didn't feel as sorry for themselves as I did. I'm sure I had it worse (again, scoff). the only thing I could do on New Year's Eve was finish my 10th pair of socks.
Today was 35 degrees but not at the beach, Point Peron, south of Perth, where we had a swim and lunch - there's a rock ledge where you can jump in to chest-height water - otherwise I don't get in past my knees - I love this place!


Catherine said...

Oh poor you..hope you are feeling better now! Love the look of the beach! Cathy

lynnie said...

you poor darling..there is nothing worse than feeling sick in the heat..take it easy...lynnie