Friday, December 25, 2009

you may be wondering why so many posts on Christmas day. Well, all the rush is over and I am just sitting now with nothing that HAS to be done. Jag is very sick with a gastro bug and the girls are playing WII Fit (best present me thinks). I am black-listed from my family at the moment (not to worry, nothing unusual, black sheep of the family type thing) and well today was just a bit blah - not to mention my hangover headache from the lovely vodka buzz I had going last night - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Christine, Lynnie, Kerry, Susan, Andi, Cathy, Clare and all of you lovely blog-watchers xx


Andi said...

Right back at ya miss black sheep!
Andi :-)

Mickie said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Now that the family has left and the clean up is done, I'm enjoying your comments . Relax and have a great evening!

lynnie said...

have a wonderful peaceful xmas my dear friend..and try to relax..with a little bit of fun ..tossed in too..i too am itchin to start something new fact i have ..wait and see..all my love to u and yours..any luck with the roster yet??? lynnie