Sunday, November 8, 2009

I've not had much time for sewing - or maybe I just haven't been in the mood. I have however been knitting - lots - another 3 pairs nearly done - that's 8 pairs since Lynnie taught me - yes, I'm a sockaholic just as predicted!

I have made some blocks from the previously blogged strips. Oh, and we had a lovely morning in Kalamunda - some veg and strawberries and some of my favourite flowers!


Cathy said...

Your socks are beautiful Danielle, you are such a neat knitter! I love making socks too, but only do them in my lunch hour at work every now and again, so they take a long time! I love the flowers and your strip blocks are looking fabulous, love the colours xo

Sarah said...

Hi Danielle, Sockaholic you are! They look great. Now about that King sized quilt - save the headache and send it off to be quilted. Seriously! King size is huge!