Monday, July 27, 2009

sorry it's been so long between posts. I mentioned that my computer no longer works and so I've been stealing moments on Gretel's teeny tiny netbook - the keys are so small it's very difficult to type.

I've had such a busy week - there really are not enough hours in the day. At work we have been upgrading our computers and it has not been a smooth process at all. In fact, I'm hoping to get my new computer back today after having the power supply fail at the very end of the installation process. and did I mention I got myself another job ? yes, working at Calico & Ivy one day a week - it's my favourite place to be - full of delights of both the yarn and fabric type - not to mention the 43 new Liberty prints that just arrived - what a lovely place to be!

I was looking forward to a weekend of knitting (finishing off my dad's socks for his birthday) but that wasn't to be. A trip to Ikea resulted in a clean-out of the entire house. I have a lovely red bookcase for the living room and a big cube shelf unit for all my fabric and yarn - it has 30 cubes and guess what - I have filled every one of those 30 cubes - and could fill another 30 ! Gretel could not believe the amount of fabric I have and asked what I could possibly do with it all. She told me I'd never use it in my lifetime and I told her it was part of her inheritance.

I've been busy making felt bags (my storage thingys) - I just love the mix of Liberty and ribbon and felt which results in a really decadent bag - a lovely way to show off some much-loved fabric.

I promise to post photos soon - I have lots of things to show you. Thanks for dropping by x


Sarah said...

Thanks for not giving up on me! And thanks for your comment - I can't find your email address to email you. Excited to read that you are working at C & I ! Hope you are well. Sarah

Mickie said...

Danielle, hope all goes well with the computer. Keeping fingers crossed for you!
Take care and have fun with the new bookcase, can't wait to see it!