Saturday, March 7, 2009

mad granny's sofa

Using the Turning Twenty pattern I cut up my (very small) collection of Cath Kidston and mixed in some linen Yuwas. Jag said it looks like a mad granny's sofa (whatever that means).

I was at my fave shop, Calico & Ivy, today and I picked four more linen fabrics so I may take the 4 plain homespun out as they look a bit ... plain and certainly the plains are not in keeping with the mad granny's sofa label.


Andi said...

I can totally relate to the title ... but I can't quite explain why!?!
It's a wonderful, eclectic, colourful, scrappy quilt. Fun!!!
Andi :-)

Lurline said...

Loved the quilt - just loved it! Then when uou talk about the alterations, my first thought was no! - must say, I do agree with you, now! Your latest beautiful fabrics will just make it that little extra bit special!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Julia said...

Loved the quilt..
Love these fabrics..I have seen them at Calico and Ivy...just gorgeous and will make it special..
julia ♥

lynnie said...

yes danielle follow your heart and adjust the plain with it love it love it lynnie