Monday, June 9, 2008

itchin to get bloggin

I've been itching to create a blog - to show you my new projects or rather, my new purchases, as I seem to spend more time buying than sewing ... my house is lacking in terms of renovations (we have been here for two and a half years and haven't even painted) but my fabric and ribbon stash are growing nicely and I don't feel at all remorseful - I love to come home to my parcels which are delivered while I'm at work - the postman knows us well - my partner often rings to tell me he has had to get the wheelbarrow out to bring the parcels in. Really he's just letting me know that I haven't kept my promise not to buy online so I'm not even going to promise anymore because I just can't let that fabric treasure pass me by ....

(Photo Above: my small Marimekko collection - oops, the houses are upside down)

I've been trying to make my sewing room, my creative space, as inviting as possible. I found a lovely sofa for the sewing room, for my family to sit on and watch me sew while they read (wishful thinking) and for when my friends visit. It's from Ikea and was a 'cash and carry' bargain.


Sarah said...

Your new lounge looks great! And what a great way to interact with the fam whilst still getting in a bit of sewing.

Danielle said...

Thanks Sarah - my sewing room is so neat and tidy - much too neat to mess it up sewing - only joking - it will be messy again in no time - I find it so hard to keep fabric nice and tidy in a little box because I really want to have it all out in the open so I can look at it! By the way, the new quilt you are working on is gorgeous! you are extremley talented and lovely!