Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Charlotte's Project

I made this Indygo Junction bag for Charlotte earlier this year in Alexander Henry fabrics (and a wee bit of Liberty too). She loved it and used it all the time and got lots of comments from her friends.

Charlotte had to choose her own project in Home Economics, after making the stardard stuffed frog and headband, so she thought she'd try her hand at making this bag pattern for herself. The bag consists of four outer panels. She chose lots of funky fabrics; mostly Alexander Henry and Michael Miller and she chose to do two of the panels Sophie's Boho style (as taught to her by Sophie). She plodded along week after week and had finished a piece of Boho only big enough for one panel when she came home and exclaimed "mum, I have to finish this bag tonight"
my reply: "but it takes longer than that and you haven't really even started"
Charlotte "no I really have to have it finished tonight"
me: "no I can't do it tonight"
Charlotte "well you/we have to coz we are starting crochet tomorrow and I'm not allowed to start if I haven't finished my sewing project"
me: "we can't possibly finish it in one night"
Charlotte: "no, you're not listening, we are finishing this bag tonight".

So we started at about 6pm. Charlotte cut the panels and marked the pieces and I sewed. I think I complained the whole time but secretly I was enjoying the time we were spending together creating.

The bag was finished by about 10.00pm - it wasn't perfect but we were both happy with it and she said "see mum, I knew we could do it".

The next day while I was at work I got a phone call from Charlotte. She was so excited. She said her teacher gave her the highest mark for the bag and asked if she could display it in the library. Her only suggestion was that it should have been top-stitched - my excuse for this was that I couldn't make it too good or the teacher wouldn't believe Charlotte had made it.

So this bag has a lovely history of how it came to be and Charlotte uses it with pride and I am proud too.

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